We understand that our homeowners may have a lot of queries and questions. Don't worry we took care of it. Here are some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any other question, feel free to get in touch with us.

We made a list of the most common questions people ask us:

Can I sell a house that is in Probate?

Yes. We buy plenty of homes every year in the probate process. We can also help prior to the probate process. Many sellers don’t know that you can skip the probate process if the necessary paperwork is filled out (our attorney does all of this for us, free of charge to you, our sellers). We buy inherited properties after the probate process and anywhere in-between.

Can you stop a foreclosure?

Yes. We have stopped many foreclosures by working with your Trustee to get the auction delayed if necessary. We have had people call us the day before an auction and we were able to help. Please don’t wait that long. It’s much easier if you contact us early in the process.

Do you buy properties in any condition?

Yes. Every month we buy homes that need no work, homes that should be featured on some house flipping show on HGTV, and even what would be considered a “tear down”. We’ve torn down houses to build new and bought large estates. But the circumstances must be a win-win between you and us, if that’s not the case, we can refer you to someone else that could help you.

Why should I choose Hank Joans Consulting LLC?

We’re different. Honestly, some cash home buyers can get a bad reputation because it’s prevalent for them to “back out” or “price drop” people. If we tell somebody we are going to buy their house, we do. Plain and simple. We understand people are planning their next chapter in life and often have already set that into motion when we sign a contract.

How does a cash offer work?

Because we use cash it’s quick and easy. The short version is we agree on a price that works for both of us, and the terms (like what date you want to close, do you want to just “walk away” leaving everything in the house?). We then submit your purchase agreement to our closing and title companies, there will be some limited documents and questions they need answered (all of which we handle for you, like loan payoffs). Then we just wait until the close date. There are no appraisals, no commissions. This is a quick, hassle-free way to sell your house. Our average seller we get to work with typically has less than 1 hour into the home selling process and collects their cash within 10 days.

Do you buy houses with existing tenants?

Yes. We understand that selling a house with tenants can be tricky. We will work with tenants to see what the best plan is for them. We walk all parties through their options to see how we can help.

Can I live in the house after closing?

Yes. You can live in the home for a short time after closing if needed. We can walk you through what those options are. We completely understand you might need the cash now, but a several weeks to a month or two to find another place to live and plan the next chapter of your life.

How quickly can you close?

As said above, we rarely go past 10 days. Because we pay cash, it’s really on your timeline. We’ve closed houses in as little as 3 days, and we’ve extended closings out for months at the request of the seller so they could make time to find another place. We often will let people live in the house after closing if that can help your situation.

Do you buy any type of property?

Yes. We have bought everything from bare land, to tear down houses, condos, apartment buildings, mansions, houses that needed zero work and houses that need full rehabs.

Do I have to have my house empty to sell to you?

No. We buy houses in any condition, regardless of content. We have a “walk away” policy that we can talk about with you. Many sellers don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleanup (especially inherited properties or problem tenant properties where they trashed the place).

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